canning highway

a Brief History of canning highway

George Canning (1770–1827) was an eminent British statesman. He served as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1822 to 1827, and briefly as Prime Minister in 1827. Canning Highway was the amalgamation of Canning Road, Perth Fremantle Road, Lower Canning Road, and Fremantle Road, in 1937.

1906 THE EAST FREMANTLE WELL FATALITY. RECOVERY OF THE BODY. The body of the unfortunate contractor, Thomas Ryan, who was buried in a well in Canning-road, East Fremantle, on Friday morning, was not recovered until 7.30 on Saturday evening. The corpse was visible at 9.30 on Friday night, but owing to a second fall of earth, and the fact that the body was held down by a quantity of the timber which had come away from the sides, it could not be removed. A large number of volunteers worked throughout Friday night and all day Saturday, but owing to the treacherous nature of the ground, the utmost care had to be exercised. As it was a man named Richard Branson, while working in the sand outside the "drum," suddenly disappeared and but for the prompt manner in which an other worker came to his assistance, he would have been totally buried in the drift. He was buried up to his mouth in the sand, and the workers were unable to liberate him until more than half-an-hour had elapsed. When brought to the surface, Ryan's body was found to be badly crushed, both legs being broken in several places. Yesterday morning an inquest on the remains was opened before Mr. R. Fairbairn, R.M., and a jury, and was adjourned to Thursday next, at 2.30 o'clock. The funeral which took place at the Fremantle Cemetery yesterday afternoon, was attended by a large number of people, including the Mayor of East Fremantle (Mr. W. C. Angwin), and Councillors Farrington and Fordham. The chief mourners were-the widow of deceased… Robert Wanless, and Thomas Ryan. (reference)

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