172 Canning Highway

172 Canning Highway (map)


No 162-172 Canning Highway is a set of single storey shops constructed in rendered masonry with skillion metal deck roofs. The roofs are skillion roofs behind a rendered parapet wall. It is a good example of the Federation Free Classical style. The place is a set of six shops with a full width, return skillion roofed awning. The awning is suspended off the front facade. A parapet wall extends above the awning. Parts of the parapets are treated with classical entablatures. All shops retain stall boards and some retain ingoes indented entries. The majority of the shopfronts have authentic metal-framed windows and highlights.


Research on the history of this property is currently under way by the Museum of Perth in partnership with the Town of East Fremantle. If you have any stories or information about this property, please contribute it in the comments below.


1911 - 1912: Deviesseux, Mrs. A. C. (store)

1913 - 1915: Tyson, Mrs. Maria (store)

1916 - 1918: Economos, Emmanuel J. (store)

1919 - 1920: Easton, Mrs. Minnie (confr)

1921: Vacant

1922 - 1924: Stanbury, William Henry (stre)

1925: Smiths Stores; Miss. L. E. Smith

1926 - 1928: Cressie, David, (grocer)

1929 - 1930: Hobson, Mrs. Martha (grocer)

1931 - 1932: Hobson, M. L. (grocer)

1933 - 1934: Thurston, M. F. (grocer)

1934 - 1936: Ryan, Thomas A. (grocer)

1936 - 1942: Parsons, W. C. (grocer)

1943 - 1946: Vacant

1947 - 1949: Cressie, D. A. (grocer)

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