55 Canning Highway

55 Canning Highway (map)


The place is a substantial double storied, brick retail store. It has a second storey balcony, with filigree ironwork on the balustrade (not original). The front door is situated on the corner facing the street at a 45 degree angle.
No. 55 Canning Highway is a commercial building constructed of brick with rendered details. Low-pitched corrugated iron roofs are concealed by masonry parapets. It is a fine expression of the Federation Filigree style. The street elevations are arranged to accommodate the corner shopfront and display windows. A dominant feature is the skillion roofed verandah that runs along both street frontages. The verandah is detailed with cast lacework. Above the verandah line is a rendered brick parapet with an articulated line that includes one top pediment. 
Some walls have been rendered.
The place is consistent with the pattern of development in Plympton and plays an important role in the pattern of development of a working class suburb.


Research on the history of this property is currently under way by the Museum of Perth in partnership with the Town of East Fremantle.


1909: Watson, Jno

1910 - 1943: Owen, Tom

1944: Owen, Mrs Stella & Owen, Mrs Kath E. & Golding, Bm & Hennessey, Jno M.

1945: Owen, Mrs Kath E & Knox, Peden Jno & Hennessey, Jno M.

1946: Hogben, L. & Howlett, Hen Jno M.

1947: Urquhart, Chas

1949: Floky, Banush

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