138 Canning Highway

138 Canning Highway (map)


No 138 Canning Highway is a single storey residence constructed in rendered brick with a hipped Decramastic tiled roof. The place is an example of the Federation Queen Anne style. It is almost completely masked by a two storey multi residence building at the front of the lot. The multi residential building is an expression of the Post WWII Perth Regional style. The lot spans between Canning Highway and Hillside Road. The Federation Bungalow has undergone numerous changes including the modification of openings, rendering over brickwork, re-roofing and remodelling of the gardens. The place features original timber framed windows including double hung sashes. The roofscape features rendered chimneys. A concrete stair and elevated slab link the two buildings. The place retains its form and some of its details. The original tiled roof has been replaced with the current tiles. There are additions to the rear. The majority of the site has been modified to suit a car park to the rear. The place is consistent with the building pattern in the Precinct. The place plays an important role in the pattern of development of a middle class suburb.


Research on the history of this property is currently under way by the Museum of Perth in partnership with the Town of East Fremantle. If you have any stories or information about this property, please contribute it in the comments below.


1910 - 1912: Wilson, Harry E.

1913: Armstong, Harry

1914 - 1915: Rowland, Miss. V. (dressmaker) & Rowland, William R.

1916 - 1918: Harvey, Ernst

1919 - 1920: Cameron, Norman

1921: Vacant

1922 - 1925: Cameron, Norman

1926 - 1949: Wood, Roland Robert

138 Canning Highway