76 George Street

76 George Street (map)


Federation / Georgian / Simple Free Classical Influences

No 76 George Street is a single storey shop constructed in rendered masonry with low pitched roofs behind a classically derived parapet wall. The shop is designed as a corner building with its entrance set on the corner. At the rear of the shop is the remaining attached residence. 


1927 Notice is hereby given that all CREDITORS and other persons having CLAIMS or DEMANDS upon or against the ESTATE of FREDERICK SAMUEL GROSSER, formerly of 76 George-street East Fremantle in the State of Western Australia Butcher ...(reference)

 1927 Car Registration, 12509: William R. Sweeney, 76 George-street, East Fremantle, Rugby. (reference)

1936 PERTH CHILDREN’S COURT. Too Much Starch. For having sold sausages containing more than the required percentage of starch, Hedley John Rowney, of 76 George-street, East Fremantle, and G. A. Baker, of Helena-street, East Guildford, were each fined £2, with £3/151 and £3/16/ costs, respectively. (reference)

 1946: The engagement is announced between Fay, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. E. B. Turner, of 38 George-street, East Fremantle, to John Robert (Jack), only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rowney, of 76 George-street, East Fremantle, late of Norwood, S.A. (reference)


1911 - 1914: Anderson, William F. (store)

1915: Coster, James (store)

1916 - 1926: Grosser, Fred S. (butcher)

1927: Grosser, Ern (butcher)

1928: Sweeny, W. R. (butcher)

1929 - 1932: Rowney Bros. (butchers)

1933 - 1947: Rowney, H. J. (butcher)

1949: Tolam & Mias (butchers)

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