1 Sewell Street

1 Sewell Street (map)


No. 1 Sewell Street was the site of an old Bakehouse. Originally built for W. Mitchell in 1902, taken over by Tom Upson (Pastrycook) in 1920 and finally acquired by A. T. Hewitt and sons, Arthur and Jack, in 1927.

Mitchell Family - Samuel Titus and his son, John Elijah Mitchell seem to have begun their bakery days in Sewell Street around 1899 (reference) I’ve found the first mention of a Mitchell in Sewell Street dated to 1905 via the postal directory (reference). Jno T. Mitchell, listed as a Baker, is the son of Mr. John Elijah Mitchell, a Baker and confectioner who had a business in Fremantle (reference), having previously worked with his father, Samuel Titus Mitchell, in their Perth ‘Confectioners, &c.’ business. (reference). 4 years after they dissolved the Mitchell & Son business, Samuel passed away. Samuel’s first advertisement - (reference). But even with all this evidence of the Mitchell family having been Bakers AND living/working in Sewell Street, there is still no conclusive evidence that they operated at No.1 Sewell Street (beyond the 1905 Postal Directory listing for J. T. Mitchell, being first on the list).

The first mention in the Postal Directories of Mr. T Upson is in 1920. He is listed first in the Sewell Street listing.(reference). 

1923 Registration No. 1967 - Ford Van. T. Upson, Sewell-street, East Fremantle. (reference)

Hewitt Bros - In 1927 the Postal directory listing for Sewell st. changed again, with a new listing of ‘Hewitt & Son, ptrycks’ mentioned but no property number associated with that address. There is still no definitive number up until the 1940-1941 Directory, when a property number is to that particular location.(reference). Here is the business directory listing for 1940 (reference) under ‘Pastrycooks’.

1935 On charges of dangerous driving and of failure to stop after an accident, in Canning-road, East Fremantle, on July 20, Arthur Hewitt was remanded for eight days in the Fremantle Traffic court (reference)

1937 A case involving much legal argument was heard before Mr. H. J. Craig. S.M., in the Fremantle Local Court yesterday when Arthur Thomas Hewitt, pastrycook, of East Fremantle, claimed damages from Stanley Thomas Grant (reference)

1938 A boy, with a penchant for race horses was charged with being a neglected child, and, with another boy, with having stolen a quantity of cake valued at 10/, the property of Arthur Hewitt, at East Fremantle on August 20… he and the younger boy entered Hewitt's bakery at East Fremantle and stole some cake, which they ate. (reference)

1942 A 16-year-old boy was charged with having broken into and entered the warehouse of Arthur Thomas Hewitt and stole a quantity of cake valued at 5/. (reference)
1948 When the driver of a baker's van was about to turn his van round in Canning highway) Palmyra, about 10,30 a.m. today, a motorcyclist travelling in the same direction crashed into the side of it. (reference)

1950 Funeral: The Friends of the late Mr. Arthur Thomas Hewitt. Wholesale Pastry Cook, of 1 Sewell-street. East Fremantle, and of Tara, 173 Canning-highway.(reference) 

1952 NOTICE IN CHANGE OF PARTNERSHIP- A. HEWITT AND SONS... the following change took place in the constitution of the partnership of A. HEWITT AND SONS carrying on business as pastrycooks at 1 Sewell-street, East Fremantle...(reference)

In 1971 the Hewitt brothers sold the run-down Bakehouse to the Swan Brewery - the then owners of the Plympton Hotel (now the Tradewinds). The old place was demolished in 1976 and the site is now the parking area behind the Hotel.


1901: Mitchell, W.

1920: Upson, Tom

1927: Hewitt and Sons