Stirling Bridge-old Castlemaine Brewery


The bridge has a precast segmental twin prestressed concrete box super structure supported on concrete filled driven steel piles. The bridge is 65m long, costing $2.5 million and was completed in 1974.

The Castlemaine Brewing Company had its brewery on riverside land just north of the Stirling Bridge. Castlemaine Stout and Ginger Beer was famous in WA.

In May, 1897 Howard Norman Sleigh, a brewer, at Sleigh's Castlemaine Brewery, in Plympton made an application for a Gallon Licence for a brewery facing the Swan River, and on the Canning-road, built of wood, three storeys high, and containing three rooms. (reference)

In 1901 Messrs. J. H. Gracie and W. F. Walkley purchased from Sleigh and Co. the business and premises of the Castlemaine Brewery, They purchased the Phoenix Brewery, which was within a block or two of the old premises and built at the new premises, now known as the Castlemaine Brewery, “'a fine up-to-date cellar capable of holding some 700 to 800 hogsheads’’ and installing "West's Patent Chilling Process," the latest and most up-to date system of beer-bottling known to the trade. They produced Penguin ale and stout. (reference)

Mr. Morris Breheny, head brewer of Castlemaine Brewery, retires and is honoured by the Irish National Association for his contributions to his community. (reference)

in 1927 the Swan Brewery Company took over the business of the Castlemaine Brewery. (reference)