6 Alcester Street

6 Alcester Street East Fremantle WA 6158 (map)


Federation Bungalow

No. 6 Alcester Street is a single-storey, timber-framed and clad house, with a hipped, corrugated-iron roof. It is asymmetrically composed with a part-width, skillion-roofed verandah supported on timber posts, terminating on a gabled thrust bay. There is a balustrade between the posts. It features a centrally located front door flanked by casement windows. The walls are weatherboard clad. 


1952 Death On Nov. 27 at Fremantle, Elizabeth Paine, of 6 Alcester-street, East Fremantle, widow of the late James Paine, loved mother of John, Claude, May (Mrs. R. Waterston), Thomas. Alex (Mrs. S. Piggott), Frank, Edwin and Clarence, aged 85 years.


1909: Phillips

1910: Phillips, Charles P.

1911: Hitchings, Thomas E.

1912: Monaghan, James P

1913: Boulter, John

1914: Evans, Mrs. J.

1916: Whitties, John G.

1918: Chester, Stanley G.

1919: Bradbury, Mrs. J.

1920 - 1926: Graham, Thomas & Henry, Charles

1927 - 1941: Graham, Thomas H. C.

1942 - 1944: Graham, Thomas H. C. & Nelson, Robert

1945 - 1947: Graham, Mrs Elizabeth

1949: Tapper, Leslie R.