68 Hubble Street

68 Hubble Street (map)


Late Victorian / Early Federation, Gable Domestic Carpenter with Gothic Influences

No 68 (previously known as No 120) Hubble Street is a single-story house constructed in timber framing and weatherboard cladding with a gabled corrugated iron roof. It is a simple expression of the Federation Bungalow style. The place is asymmetrically planned with an offset front door flanked with a single pane double hung sash window. The facade features a full-width bullnose roofed verandah supported on square timber posts. 


1936: LEIGHTON BEACH RAPE CASE - On the night of December 27 a 17 year old girl was raped by four men on Leighton Beach…. One of the  Crown witness’s was Alice May Greer, of 120 Hubble-street, East Fremantle who went to Leighton beach with the other girl on the night... (reference). The four men were convicted (reference)

1941: Shortly before he was reported missing, presumably in Crete, Private Ernest Wright (second from left) sent this happy group photograph to his wife. Private Wright was mining at Coolgardie before he enlisted in September 1939. His wife, who resides at 68 Hubble Street, East Fremantle; received a letter from him advising that he had been safely evacuated from Greece. She has not heard from him since. (reference)

1942: MEN in this picture are all West Australians now in German prison camp Stalag 18A. (E Wright second from left). Private Wright's wife lives at 68 Hubble Street, East Fremantle. (reference)


1909: Lowndes, Miss R.

1912 - 1913: Carmody, William

1914 - 1920: Thomas, Whyte

1921 - 1923: Kuhn, Charles

1924 - 1927: Sutton, Desmond

1928 - 1945: Greer, Mrs Maggie

1946 - 1947: Greer, William W.

1949: Wade, Phil

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