50 Hubble Street

50 Hubble Street (map)


No 50 (previously know as No 90) Hubble Street is a single-story cottage constructed in limestone and brick with a hipped corrugated iron roof. It is a fine and simple expression of the Federation Bungalow style. It is asymmetrically planned with an offset entrance flanked by a window. The facade features a full-width bullnose verandah supported on timber posts. All openings have brick quoins.


1917 Dear Auntie Nell, I am having another try for your prize, and hope I will succeed. I have succeeded in finding the answers to the Metagram, which was very easy. Hoping you and the sick children are well. I remain, your loving niece, DOROTHY POW, 90 Hubble -street, East Fremantle. Aged 14 years 3 months. (reference)

1925 First prize is awarded to Mrs. Taylor, 90 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, for recipe for PICKLED EGGS. (reference)

1925 Recipe- Jellied Fowl -Put Into a saucepan the legs, wings, breast and backbone of the fowl, add about 3 cupfuls of water enough to cover it, pepper and salt, and one tiny onion with 2 or 3 cloves stuck into it...This is a very delicious meal,Mrs. H. Taylor, 90 Hubble Street, East Fremantle. (reference)

1939 ROAD DISTRICTS List - Joseph Porter, of Fremantle, Engine Driver, as Registered Proprietor: and Mrs. Margaret Porter, of 90 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, as Owner. (reference)


1909 - 1911: Simes, Frederick

1912 - 1913: Dart, John W.

1914 - 1915: Williams, Robert. D.

1916 - 1917: Pow, Edward

1918 - 1923: Caldwell, Maurice W.

1924: Varian, William

1925: Taylor, Harry Samuel

1926: Vacant

1927: Devon, Samuel

1928: Gibson, Ernest

1929: Pyatt, Reginald

1930 - 1932: Bowen, John D.

1933 - 1949: Creighton, J.

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