50 George Street

50 George Street (map)


Late Victorian / Early Federation / Georgian & Simple Free Classical Influences

No 50 George Street is a fine single storey building that is constructed in rendered masonry with low pitched roofs behind a classically derived parapet wall. The place is designed as a corner building with entrances on both the corner and George Street. The corner entrance is flanked by authentic display windows under a skillion roofed verandah supported on timber posts. Above the verandah there is a panelled parapet wall.


1918 The Friends of the late Mr. Wilfred Ellis, formerly Corporal of the 109th Howitzer Battery, 23rd Field Artillery Brigade, are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Congregational portion of the Fremantle Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to leave see residence ol his brother. Mr. Ernest Ellis, 50 George-street, East Fremantle (reference)

 1919 ELLIS: On September 19, killed by a sniper's bullet, somewhere in France, Corporal Austin Ellis, the beloved brother of the late Wilfred (A.I.F.) and Ernest Ellis. Inserted by his brother and sister-in-law, 50 George-street, East Fremantle. (reference)


1909 - 1911: Garland, William (fruiterer)

1912 - 1915: Tonkins, Harry J. (fruiterer)

1916 - 1919: Ellis, Ernest (fruiterer)

1920: Vacant

1921 - 1922: Miragallotta, Frank (bootmaker)

1923 - 1945: Ellis, Ernest (mix business)

1946: Wade, Mrs E. (mix business)

1947: Garwood, Thomas (mix business)

1949: Cardwell, Charles L. (mix business)

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