133 George Street

133 George Street (map)


Georgian Free Classical

No 133 George Street and No 35 Duke Street are a fine example of a single storey shop constructed in limestone and rendered masonry. The shop is designed as a corner building with its main entrance addressing the corner. The shop entrance is flanked by authentic display windows under an awning. The shop section of the building has a distinctive glazed tiled dado. Above the awning there is a parapet with an entablature. The roof is comprised of a series of skillion corrugated iron roofs.


1913 For sale; One Medium Draught Horse, well built, a splendid worker, in first-class condition, £25. 133 corner George-st., East Fremantle. (reference)

1914 For Sale, Horse, about 15 hands, rolling fat, staunch, quiet, £14. 133 George st.. East Fremantle. A bargain. (reference)

1940 HAPPINESS was the keynote of the evening on Thursday, when the members of the Erica Tennis Club and friends gathered at Mr. and Mrs. Snowden's to bid adieu to one of their most popular members, Mr. Ernie Haffner, who tomorrow will commence training in the Air Force as a pilot. Hilarity reached its height during the games .enjoyed by all and a dainty supper was capably hostessed by Mrs. Roy Snowden. Mr. Haffner was presented with a small token from the guests, and in a short speech, club captain, Jack Ackland wished him all the very best, happy flying and more Important, a safe return. Ernie in replying said it was not until the parting that one realised how much friendship meant in one's life, and he assured all present that the evening and their wishes would be carried with him in his memory wherever he went. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Snowden. (reference)


1914 - 1915: Taylor, George (greengrocer)

1917 - 1918: Cole, William (baker)

1919: Tasker, Mrs F. M.

1920: Holmes, George (dairy produce)

1921 - 1922: Sowden, Roy (butcher)

1923 - 1944: Chambers, Charles (butcher)

1945 - 1949: Mitchel,l Robert (Butcher)

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