9 Gill Street

9 Gill Street (map)


Spanish Mission Decorated Porch House

No 9 Gill Street is a single storey house constructed in rendered brick with a hipped and gabled tiled roof. It is a fine expression of the Inter-War Spanish Mission style. The treatment of the front porch and garage parapet is particularly notable. It is asymmetrically composed with a gabled roofed porch. The porch features three arches supported on piers and Corinthian columns. The porch sits proud of the house. There is a central door flanked by casement and fixed light windows. There is an integrally designed garage to the north of the house. A curved parapet fronts the garage.
The place retains its form and most of its details. There are additions to the rear.
The place is consistent with the building pattern in the Precinct. The place plays an important role in the pattern of development of a middle class suburb.


Research on the history of this property is currently under way by the Museum of Perth in partnership with the Town of East Fremantle. If you have any stories or information about this property, please contribute it in the comments below.


1937 - 1941: Howe, Wilfred A.

1941 - 1946: Moncur, John C.

1947 - 1949: Howe, W. A.

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