8 East Street

8 East Street (map)


Late Victorian / Early Federation / Domestic Carpenter

No. 8 (previously was no. 20) East street is a duplex constructed in timber framing and jarrah weatherboard cladding with a hipped corrugated iron roof. It is a good expression of the Federation Bungalow style applied to a duplex. The front elevation is symmetrically planned with a small gable in the hipped roof. The facade features a skillion roofed verandah on timber posts. The verandah extends the full width of the house with a deep lain frieze at the tops of the posts.

The adjoining 4-6 East Street residences are identical.


Research on the history of this property is currently under way by the Museum of Perth in partnership with the Town of East Fremantle. If you have any stories or information about this property, please contribute it in the comments below.


1909: Watkins, William

1911: Breen, John

1912: Cumming, James. H.

1914: Miller, Mrs. A.

1915: Calder, John

1916 - 1917: Gray, Nathaniel

1918 - 1919: Goddard, William T.

1920 - 1921: Butler, Alexander

1922: Togerdine, William James

1923 - 1924: Miller, Edward

1925: Stratton, Herbert

1926: Ellingford, John William

1927: Mellowship, Arthur

1928 - 1949: Mathews, James H.

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