85 George Street

85 George Street (map)


Federation Free Classical style

No 77-85 George Street is a fine two storey building comprised of four shops and residences. The place is constructed in rendered masonry with low pitched roofs behind a classically derived parapet wall. The shops are designed as a corner and mid-block suite building. There is a separate entrance for the sole residence on Sewell Street. The corner shop has a corner entrance. A cantilevered awning follows the line of the building and spans across most of the facades. Most of the shop fronts have been modified. Above the awning are pairs of single pane double hung sash windows surrounded with rendered architraves. Each pair of windows identifies a dwelling. A pilaster divides each shop and residence. The top of the parapet is terminated with an entablature. There are a further two single storey shops attached to the eastern side of the building.


1917 The Friends of Mr. John Senior, bootmaker, of 85 George-Street, East Fremantle, are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late dearly beloved wife, Ann, mother of Mr. Albert Senior, (Sydney), Mrs FW Lovell (Perth), Mrs AD Mitchell (Northam), Mr. Alfred Senior (Sydney) and Mrs A Humfrey (South Fremantle), to the place of interment. the Wesleyan portion of the Fremantle Cemetery. (reference)

1928 WOMAN WOUNDED. No 85 George-street, East Fremantle, was the scene yesterday afternoon shortly after five o'clock, of a sensational shooting as the result of which Mrs. Lucy Cleo Jean Hitchcock (27) is now in the Fremantle Hospital under treatment for a bullet wound in the face. (reference) (See details of this case in Notable People- Dupereuzel)

1934 PORT BETTING CHARGES. Two Men Arrested. George Patrick Foley (46) commission agent and Charles Cox (36) commission agent, were arrested in Fremantle this morning by P.C.C.'s Kelman and Kelliker on charges of having kept and used premises at 74 High-street, Fremantle, and 85 George-street, East Fremantle, respectively, as common betting houses. (reference)

1935: In the Fremantle Police Court yesterday the Magistrate (Mr. H. J. Craig, R.M.) Inflicted fines totalling £45 on three men who admitted having kept common betting houses or places for betting last Saturday afternoon. Charles William Harry Cox (37), commission agent, was fined £20, with 10/ costs, in connection with premises at 85 George-street, East Fremantle; Frederick James McKenzie (27) clerk, was fined £15, with 10/ costs, for keeping premises at 62 Market-street, Fremantle; and John Harold Beattie (24), clerk, was fined £10, with 16/ costs, in connection with premises at 128 George-street, East Fremantle. (reference)

1945: Wanted to buy - Urgently: Child's car, 5 to 6 years, to strengthen leg. After long illness. 85 George-street. East Fremantle. (reference)


1909 - 1918: Senior, John (bootmaker)

1919: Gower, Mrs Annie E.

1920: Day, William F. (fishmonger)

1921 - 1922: Cole, Archibald (fishmonger)

1923: Vacant

1924: Griffiths, Mrs Charlotte (confr)

1925 - 1926: Martin, Misses S & M (small and mix goods)

1927: Wright, Joseph (mixed goods)

1928: Hitchcock, Harold W.

1929 - 1930: Marnham, Mrs Ellen C. D. R.

1931 - 1932: Halkett, Mrs M. E. (mix business)

1933 - 1937: Cox, C. (tobacconist & hairdresser)

1937 - 1938: Adams, K. (tobacconist)

1938 - 1944: Beisley, Frederick (tobacconist)

1945 - 1946: Vacant

1947 - 1949: Wray, G.T. (fishmonger)

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