81-83 Canning Highway

83 Canning Highway (map)


No 79-83 Canning Highway is a single-storey rendered brick building. Low-pitched corrugated iron roofs are concealed by parapets. It is a remnant expression of the Federation period shops with houses to the rear. The street elevations are arranged to accommodate three shopfronts. The original shopfronts and much of the classical detailing has been removed. Only the rhythm of the shops and their roofscape can be read externally. A recently constructed verandah is built out over the pavement.


Research on the history of this property is currently under way by the Museum of Perth in partnership with the Town of East Fremantle. If you have any stories or information about this property, please contribute it in the comments below.


1910 - 1914: Dubberlin, Mrs. A. (draper)
1915 - 1918: Sedgman, Mrs C. (draper)
1919 - 1922: Miller, Edward J. (draper)
1923: Miller, Edward J. (grocer)
1924: Brown & Fox Produce (merchants)
1925: Mathews, Robert (mixed business)
1926 - 1927: Dymock, Harry (fuel merchant)
1928: Penglase, Mrs. W. M (greengrocer & confr)
1929: Penglase, Mrs. W. M. (greengrocer & confr)
1930 - 1932: Penglase, Mrs. W. M. (greengrocer)
1933: Kelly, E. A. (mixed business)
1934: Porter, Mrs. C. (mixed business)
1935: Edward, Charles D. (mixed business)
1936 - 1937: Webb, Mrs. D. (mixed business)
1938 - 1941: Davies & Paoff (mixed business)
1942: Davies, Les.
1944: Davies & Paoff (mixed business) & Davies Les.
1945: Vacant & Davies Les.
1946: Vacant
1947: Vacant
1949: Hogben, L. H. (chemist)

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