79 George Street

79 George Street (map)


Federation Free Classical style

No 77-85 George Street is a fine two storey building comprised of four shops and residences. The place is constructed in rendered masonry with low pitched roofs behind a classically derived parapet wall. The shops are designed as a corner and mid-block suite building. There is a separate entrance for the sole residence on Sewell Street. The corner shop has a corner entrance. A cantilevered awning follows the line of the building and spans across most of the facades. Most of the shop fronts have been modified. Above the awning are pairs of single pane double hung sash windows surrounded with rendered architraves. Each pair of windows identifies a dwelling. A pilaster divides each shop and residence. The top of the parapet is terminated with an entablature. There are a further two single storey shops attached to the eastern side of the building.


1905 A. BAKER, Hairdresser, Tobacconist, Stationer and Newsagent, 79 GEORGE ST., E. FREMANTLE. A choice collection of Fancy Goods, Glassware, Crockery and all SCHOOL REQUISITES Always in Stock (reference) Se photo

1905 HAIRDRESSERS.-First-class Man required for Today (Saturday), wages 15s. And meals. Apply Baker, 79 George-st., East Fremantle. (reference)

1914 For Sale, cheap, Bay Gelding- 16 hands, perfect in saddle and harness. Apply 79 George-st. East Fremantle. (reference)

1928: Accident: On February 6, Mr. F. R. Peterson, the well-known Fremantle photographer, was unfortunate enough to collide with a child, Norman Gore, eight years of age. As a result of the collision the child died, and the inquest was held on Tuesday last by Mr. H. J. Craig, R.M., who delivered the-following verdict: "That Norman Gore came to his death at Fremantle on February from injuries caused in a collision with a motor car driven by Frank Reinhold Peterson; in Canning Road, East Fremantle, on the same date. That the injuries were caused accidentally." Evidence disclosed at the inquest indicated that the accident was not the fault of Mr. Peterson, who did everything possible to avert the collision. Jean Theresa Gore, ten years of age, residing at 79 George-street, East Fremantle, said she was walking along Canning-road with her brother Norman. "We were walking on the road, nearly in the gutter," she said. "On the left-hand side of the road going west we met our brother Albert, who took a hand cart from Norman and went ahead of us. I heard a car coming from behind. Norman was next to the footpath and when I heard the car coming. I caught hold of his shift and held him and told him not to move as the car was coming. Just as the car got close to us I let go my hold of Norman and he immediately started to run across the road, and the next thing I saw was a motor car knocking him down. After knocking Norman down the motor car travelled the distance between two telegraph posts. I screamed and ran to the corner of the street away from where my brother was lying. I saw a man pick up my brother and put him in a motor car. I heard no sound of motor horn, but I saw the car coming when I looked round a good way off.” (Reference) Petersen lived at 28 Silas St

1950 For sale DELIVERY Bicycle, with basket, new tyres. Robins, 79 George-st.East Fremantle. L2913. (reference)


1910 : Alford Phil, newsagent & tbcust

1911 : Harper Bros. Thos. fruitr

1912 - 1917 : Harper, Thos, fruitr

1918 - 1922 : Fordham, Chas E, btmkr

1923 - 1925 : Hughes, Wm. btmkr

1926 : Vacant

1927 : Mullaney, Jas J

1928 : Gore, C L, Fish & Chips

1929 : Rumble, Jos, fish & chips

1930 - 1932 : Kwong, C grngrcr

1933 : Main, Albert & Olson, James

1934 - 1940 : Davy F W, btchr1941 : Davy F.W. (Butcher)

1942 - 1944 : Davy F.B. (Butcher)

1945 - 1946 : Baker WM. C (Butcher)

1947 : Burton & Sons (Butcher)

1949 : Burton H.D. (Butcher)

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