59 Hubble Street

59 Hubble Street (map)


Federation, Georgian Influences

No 59 (previously known as No 119) Hubble Street is a single-story house constructed in timber framing and rusticated weatherboard cladding with a hipped corrugated iron roof. It is a simple expression of the Federation Bungalow style. The place is symmetrically planned with a central door and hopper light flanked by replacement sliding windows. The facade features a full-width skillion roofed verandah supported on steel posts. 


AIF 1915, BRADFORD Herbert (Regimental number 1716) Occupation Labourer, 59 Hubble Street, East Fremantle, Western Australia, Single, Age at embarkation 24. Next of kin mother Sarah Bradford NAA Record  AIF Record 

AIF 1915, BRADFORD William (Regimental number 3066) Occupation Wood cutter, 59 Hubble Street, East Fremantle, Single, Age at embarkation 22. Next of kin J Bradford AIF Record 

1916, BRADFORD George (Regimental number 2793) Occupation Brushmaker, 59 Hubble Street, East Fremantle, Single, Age at embarkation 30. Next of kin John Bradford AIF Record 

1915: WAR CASUALTIES - 1716, H. Bradford, 11th Battalion (4th, reinforcements), age 24, single, next of kin Mrs. S. Bradford, 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle (mother) (reference)

1917: Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradford and Family, of 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle wish to sincerely THANK all kind friends for letters, cards, and personal expressions of sympathy during their recent sad bereavement in the loss of their dearly loved son and brother, Bert, killed in action November 2, 1917. (reference)

1918: WAR CASUALTIES - Mr. and Mrs. Bradford, of 119 Hubble street, East Fremantle, have received word that their youngest son, Will, has been admitted to hospital in England, severely wounded in the wrist. (reference)

1920: DEATH On August 16, at 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, Sarah, dearly beloved wife of John Bradford, and mother of John, George, William, and Hilda Bradford, and Mrs. E. A. Taylor. Aged 64 years. (reference)

1926: DEATH On April 4, at his late residence, 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, John Bradford, relict of the late Sarah Bradford, and father of John, George, Ada, William, Hilda, and Sadie, aged 78 years. (reference)

1927: RECIPE - TWO DELICIOUS PUDDINGS. American Ice Pudding- Put one pint of milk into a double saucepan, with 1oz. of sheet gelatine. When dissolved, add the yolks of two eggs, well beaten, and stir until like a thick cream...When turned out it should be a lovely sponge crowned with jelly. And Ivory Cream- Peel and mash five large bananas until smooth, then beat in five teaspoonfuls of icing sugar till free from lumps...Mrs. R. Ford, 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle (reference)

1927: RECIPE - Celery Soup- Use 1 head of celery, 1 piece of butter (size of an egg), 2 pints of wafer, a little salt and white pepper, 1 yolk of egg, 1 gill of milk. Put celery into pan with butter melted beforehand and stir till every piece of celery is covered with butter..Note: Celery is specially good for those who are troubled with rheumatism or neuralgia. Mrs. R. Ford, 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle. (reference)

1927: DEATH On May 28, at the Fremantle Hospital, Rosanna McTear, dearly beloved wife of William McTear, of 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, and mother of Hugh (Glasgow), Janet (Mrs. W. Hendren), and Margaret (Mrs. R. Ford), East Fremantle, aged 65 years. (reference)

1933: DEATH  On November 6, at 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, passed peacefully away, John Sandberg, dearly beloved father of Laura and Ruby, and Ern Williams, loving grandad of Gordon, Cliff and Gwen Williams; aged 72 years...(reference)

1933: MRS. E. WILLIAMS, 119 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, wishes to THANK all kind friends for telegrams, cards, floral tributes and messages of sympathy in her recent sad bereavement; especially thanking Mrs. McAtee, Mrs. Kingsbury and Mrs. Gabrielson for their many little acts of kindness during her father's illness. (reference)


1909 - 1926: Bradford, John

1927 - 1928: Ford, Richard

1929 - 1932: Hendren, William

1933 - 1934: Williams, Ernest A.

1934 - 1936: Bergland, Charles O.

1936 - 1939: Benthien, Walter

1939: Hunt, Samuel

1940 - 1942: Groves, Samuel

1942 - 1949: Evans, Mrs

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