57 Hubble Street

57 Hubble Street (map)


Federation, Domestic Carpenter Villa with Queen Anne Influences

No 57 (previously known as No 115) Hubble Street is a single-story house constructed in timber framing, plastic and corrugated iron cladding with a hipped and gabled corrugated iron roof. It is an eclectic expression of the Federation Bungalow style. The place is asymmetrically planned with a thrust bay and a part width skillion roofed verandah. The verandah is supported on timber posts and has a St Andrews Cross pattern balustrade. The timber posts and balustrade are a later addition. The thrust bay has a pair of double hung sash windows. There is a central door flanked by French doors.


1910 BIRTH On April 6 at 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, the wife of Thomas H. Cameron (nee Bennett) -a daughter. Both well.(reference) 1912 BIRTH- On February 18 at 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Cameron -a daughter. (reference)

1922 Shortly after 11am yesterday the Fremantle Fire Brigade was summoned to attend an outbreak which had occurred in the kitchen of a dwelling situated at 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle. After considerable difficulty the fire was extinguished, but the kitchen and its contents were destroyed. Damage to the extent of £100 was done to the building, a wood and iron structure, owned by Patrick Linto, and occupied by C. French. The house is insured for £400, but the contents were not covered by insurance. The fire commenced in the absence of the occupants, and its cause is unknown. (reference)

Electoral Roll 1925  (residing at 115 Hubble street): Patrick J. Linto - butcher and Margaret Linto, married

1924 BIRTH On November 13 at 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs. P J. Linto -a son (Allan Philip). (reference) 1927 BIRTH On April 22, at their residence, 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Linto -a daughter (Mary Winifred). (reference)

1935 Patrick Stephen Linto, clerk, of 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, said that about 12.15 am on December 30 last he was walking with a companion, Raymond Heaperman, along Canning-road, Palmyra, towards Fremantle. Approaching Carrington-street, they were on the left hand side of the road. He heard a motorcycle coming behind him, but remembered nothing more until he was put Into a car to be taken 'to' the Fremantle Hospital. (reference)

1935: ACCIDENT- DEATH OF YOUNG INDIAN. Pinned by MotorCycle. A finding of accidental death was returned by Mr. G. F. Payne, J.P., at Fremantle Courthouse today when he investigated an accident in Palmyra early on December 30, which resulted in the death of Galan Kibrea Sarkar (23), an Indian hawker. (Sarkar was fatally injured when he was pinned beneath a motorcycle he was riding which collided with two pedestrians at the corner of Carrington-street and Canning-road, Palmyra, about 12.15 a.m. on December 30, Patrick S. Linto, clerk, of 115 Hubble-street, East Fremantle, one of the pedestrians with whom Sarkar collided, said he was walking along Canning-road in the direction of Fremantle... (reference)

1940 The death of Mr. Patrick Joseph Linto of 57 Hubble street, East Fremantle, occurred on Saturday. The deceased, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Linto, was born in York forty-nine years ago. He is survived by his widow and eight children. (reference)


1909 - 1912: Cameron, Thomas H.

1913: Prior, David

1914: Stead, Arthur T.

1915 - 1917: Grimston, Oscar

1918 - 1919: Grimstad, Oscar & Folland, Samuel

1920 - 1922: French, Thomas

1923 - 1936: Linto, Patrick Joseph

1936 - 1938: Lauder, Thomas

1938 - 1941: Linto, Patrick

1941 - 1942: Linto, Mrs Margaret

1942 - 1944: Cannon, Jack

1945 - 1947: Bridle, Harold A.

1949: Charles, Gordon L.