40 Fraser Street

40 Fraser Street (map)


Interwar, Domestic Carpenter Gable Bungalow

No 40 Fraser Street is a single storey house constructed in timber framing, weatherboard and fibrous cement cladding with a gable corrugated iron roof. It is a simple expression of the Inter-War Bungalow style. The place is located on a corner lot and addresses both Fraser Street and Osborne Road. It is symmetrically composed with a full width hip roofed verandah. The verandah is supported on timber posts with post brackets. There is a central front door and hopper light flanked by single pane casement windows and fixed lights. The roofscape features a brick chimney.


1934 Birth ROBINSON (nee Eileen McCaskie). On March 5, at her sister's residence, 40 Fraser-street, East Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Robinson, of Boulder and Salmon Gums, a son (Kendall George).(reference)

1935 NORTH FREMANTLE COLLISION. A utility truck driven by Ronald Edwards, of 88 Archdeacon-street, Nedlands, which was travelling north over the North Fremantle traffic bridge, collided near the Swan-street intersection with a large truck driven by Magnus Ashby, of Johnston-street, Cottesloe, and then with a lorry and trailer driven by Robert James Maxwell, of 40 Fraser-street, East Fremantle. No one was injured...(reference)

1939 Savage Dog -A little dog, said to be a fox terrier, cost his owner, Thomas William Howard, of Osborne-road, East Fremantle, £6/13/ in the Fremantle Police Court today. Howard did not appear in Court to contest proceedings by Robert James Maxwell, of Fraser-street, East Fremantle, who said that the dog had attacked him on the evening of July 15 and torn his trousers. The Magistrate: Why didn't you kick him? Maxwell: I didn't have time. Two days before this incident, Maxwell added, the dog rushed at him savagely and he told Howard that he intended to make a complaint to the police. Howard did not show any concern. "Howard was very foolish to ignore the warning," Mr. Craig, S.M., commented in imposing a fine of £2 with £2/15/6 costs and £1/17/6 damages.(reference)

1950 Truck driver John Frederick Sanderson, of Torrens-ave, Cottesloe, who was involved in a fatal accident on the Fremantle traffic bridge on May 4, was charged in Fremantle Traffic Court today with negligent driving. Truck driver Robert James Maxwell, of Fraser-st., East Fremantle, said that he saw a semi-trailer driven by Sanderson turn to go over the bridge. At the same time he saw a motorcycle which was travelling at a considerable speed crash head on into the truck. Counsel D. F. Walsh said that there was no evidence to show that Sanderson had been negligent — the Magistrate agreed and dismissed the charge...(reference)

1950 Four persons who drove their vehicles over a railway crossing when an approaching train was within a quarter of a mile were charged before Mr. W. J. Wallwork, S.M., in the Perth Police Court on Wednesday. They were: Robert James Maxwell, of Fraser-street, East Fremantle...(reference)


1917: Stem Dirk

1931 - 1949: Maxwell, Robert