39 King Street

39 King Street (map)


Federation / Domestic Carpenter

No. 39 (previously known as no. 85) King Street is a single storey cottage constructed in timber framing and weatherboard cladding with a gabled corrugated iron roof. It is a simple expression of the Federation Bungalow style with later additions. The front elevation is symmetrically planned with a central door flanked by double hung sash windows. The facade features a full width bullnosed verandah supported on turned timber posts.


1915 Birth at 85 King-street, East Fremantle, the wife of C. J. Abercrombie - gave birth to a son. Both well. (Reference)

1925 Electoral Roll: William Glasson, tailor,  Frances Mary Glasson,

1930 William Glasson, secretary of the Dock, River, and Harbor Workers' Union, 85 King-street, East Fremantle:

“Hundreds of men on harbor reconstruction and waterfront employment generally are out of work, and their position is becoming desperate; the demand for curtailment of expenditure at the top is, therefore, amply justified. If a rigid inquiry were conducted by persons not in any way connected with the Public Service, there is no doubt that a number of economies could be effected, and many basic wage workers could be profitably employed on works that would be of benefit to the State. (reference)

1934 The Candidates for Election: For east Fremantle Council elections Central Ward: Alfred, John George Abercrombie, of Bedford-street. East Fremantle, traveller; William Glasson, of King street, East Fremantle, secretary. (reference)

1935 Death at the residence of her son, William Glasson, 86 King-street, East Fremantle, Annie, widow of the late Cornelius Glasson, and beloved mother of Minnie (Mrs. H. T. Jones, Maylands), William (East Fremantle), Alice (Mt. Lawley; and Lucy (Mrs. J. Purser, Mt. Lawley); in her 81st year. (reference)

1936 A ‘Worker’ representative asked Bill GIasson, secretary of the Dock, River and Harbor Works Union, the reason for the faith that is in him and why that the return of the Labor Government is essential to the protection of the workers' interests. (reference)

1941 Mr. Glasson, in securing re-election polled 195 votes as against his opponents (Messrs. P. Troy and C. Rushton) 43 and 19. (reference)

1943 Death notice - Julia Annie Stephens, of 39 King-street, East Fremantle, widow of the late Edward Stephens. (reference)

1947 Mr. Glasson will retire from the secretaryship of the Coastal, Dock, Rivers and Harbour Workers' Union, a position he has held for the last 22 years. (reference)


1912: Ernest, J.

1913 - 1915: Abercrombie, Mrs E. J.

1916: Blakeley, John

1917 - 1942: Glasson, William

1942 - 1944: Stephens, Mrs M.

1945: Stephens, Edward

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