33 Allen Street

33 Allen Street (map)


No 33 Allen Street is a single storey house constructed in tuck pointed brick and rendered bands with a hipped and gabled corrugated iron roof. It is fine expression of the Federation Filigree style. The front elevation is asymmetrically planned with a full width, return bull-nose roofed verandah. The verandah is set on turned timber posts with a timber filigree frieze. There is a central door flanked by thrust bays. The thrust bays feature pairs of double hung sash windows. Half-timbered gables are located over each thrust bay. The roofscape features a pair of chimneys with rendered caps.


1926 Funeral- The Friends of the late Mr. James Robert Sinclair, Postmaster, of Fremantle, are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Anglican Cemetery, Karrakatta. The Funeral will leave his late residence, 33 Allen-street, East Fremantle...LOYAL WESTRALIAN LODGE, No. 18, W.A.C. The Brethren of the above Lodge are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of late Mr. James R. Sinclair, father of Bro. Donald C. Sinclair... POSTMASTERS' ASSOCIATION- The Members of the above Association are invited to follow the remains of their late fellow officer and member...WEST PERTH FOOTBALL CLUB, W.A.F.L.The Members of the above Club are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of late Mr. James R. Sinclair, father of our vice-captain, Mr. Donald C. Sinclair....THE ARGONAUTS, FREMANTLE GROUP -The Members of the above Society are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of our late member, Mr. James Robert Sinclair ...EAST FREMANTLE BOWLING CLUB- Members are requested to follow the remains of our late comrade, J. R. Sinclair...FREMANTLE DISTRICT CRICKET CLUB- The Members of the Fremantle District Cricket Club are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of the late Mr. J. R. Sinclair. (Reference)

1928  Birth DORSETT (nee Ethel Fisher) On April 23, at Nurse Bathgate's Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dorsett, of 33 Allen-street East Fremantle -a daughter. Both well.  (Reference)

1928 - Car transfer 2947: From Alice Herman to Edward R. Scott, 33 Allen-street, Fremantle.  (Reference)

1931 - FOOTBALL PRIZE TO FREMANTLE Of 2000 odd entries In last week's football competition that sent in by KEITH PAYNE, 33 Allen-street, East Fremantle, has been adjudged the winner. He will be forwarded a cheque for £3 3s. Again the competitors gave convincing proof of their ability to judge the form of the teams. Although the South Fremantle-Subiaco match was widely regarded as likely to favour Subiaco, no less than 312 of the competitors anticipated a South Fremantle victory. A substantial majority expected Perth to defeat Claremont-Cottesloe, while East Fremantle and West Perth both commanded a large following...The winner showed sound judgement in assessing the relative merits of the two teams...(Reference)

1935 car transfer 14107: McCullough and Neil to E. J. Barron, 33 Allen-street, East Fremantle, Ford. (Reference)


1919: Leunig, Charles

1920 - 1925: Cooper, Alex C.

1926: Sinclair, James Robert (postmaster)

1927 - 1932: Scott, Edward

1933 - 1938: Barron, Eric J.

1938 - 1942: Murphy, Hubert

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