125 George Street

125 George Street (map)


Early Federation / Georgian Domestic Carpenter


1924 : REGISTRATION OF CAR ‘Overland four’, By E. Chambers, 125 George-street, East Fremantle.(Reference)

 1944 MISSING PERSON: NEVILLE (Robert Leslie), known as Bobby, aged now 17½ years, was by occupation a milk deliverer, about 5ft. 3in. in height, stout erect build, dark brown wavy hair, brown eyebrows, high forehead, blue eyes, ordinary nose, shows teeth, round smiling face, and round chin, fair complexion, did have pimples on face, was dressed in grey trousers, and navy blue coat with white stripes or small leather coat and brown elastic side boots when last seen. This lad is rather talkative. Telephone L1285 or 125 George Street, East Fremantle. (Reference)

 1948 ENGAGEMENT Jenny Rae, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Neville to Kenneth George William, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Comley, of 153 Hampton-road. South Fremantle. (Reference)

1950 The following 28 families were granted occupancy of flats (converted army huts) by the State Housing Commission last month: A.J. Neville. (Reference)

1950 SPEEDING FINE Robert Leslie Neville fined £5 in the Fremantle Traffic Court for a speeding offence. (Reference)

1953 ENGAGEMENT The second-youngest daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Neville, Laura, engaged to Jack Taylor. (Reference)

February 2016 125 George Street is an Asian Fusion restaurant called Barque. (Reference)

April 2017 New restaurant Cook & Mason opens after Barque is closed. (Reference)


1911 - 1912: Campbell, Miss Ada

1913: McCallum, Angus D.

1917: Ferridge, Mrs L. E.

1918: Ablett, Mrs Mary

1919: Grime, F. J.

1920: Holmes, George

1921 - 1922: Sowden, Roy

1923 - 1929: Chambers, Charles

1930: Dunning, William

1931 - 1934: Chambers, Charles

1934 - 1942: Chambers, Charles (butcher)