117 George Street


Federation Cottage Orné

No. 117 George Street is one of a seven attached residences. They are constructed in brick and rendered masonry designed in a rich rendering of the Federation Cottage Orné style. The houses are constructed in limestone and tuck pointed brick. They are divided by parapet walls and have gable roofs. The gables have elaborately decorative barges with applied oriel style niches and sculptures. The roofscape features tall chimneys with chimney caps. 


1920: Accident - While working on a new building being erected in Essex-street, Fremantle, yesterday, Daniel Jarvis (41), of 117 George-street, East Fremantle; fell from a scaffolding on to the roadway some 30ft. below, sustaining injuries to his ribs and cuts on his head and arms. He was admitted to the Fremantle Hospital and detained for treatment. (Reference)

1943 A small boy named Leonard Pumfrey (51/2), of Forrest street, East Fremantle, was playing on the top of a disused dry well in a paddock near his home this afternoon when he slipped and fell 75 ft. to the bottom. His plight was noticed and he was soon brought to the surface in the arms of a soldier who, to effect a rescue, was lowered down the well on a rope. (reference)


1913: Woodham, Albert W.

1914: Andrews, Alfred G.

1915: Archard, Henry

1916 - 1921: Jarvis, Daniel

1923 - 1925: Watson, Hartley John

1926: Bartley, Mrs Lucy

1927: Millen, John

1928: McCaughley

1929: Butler, T.

1930 - 1932: Foster, Norman

1933 - 1936: Pumfrey, John K.

1936 - 1937: Stiles

1937 - 1942: Barwise, Henry

1945 - 1947: Bird, William

1949: Bird, William