113 George Street


Federation Cottage Orné

No. 113 George Street is one of a seven attached residences. They are constructed in brick and rendered masonry designed in a rich rendering of the Federation Cottage Orné style. The houses are constructed in limestone and tuck pointed brick. They are divided by parapet walls and have gable roofs. The gables have elaborately decorative barges with applied oriel style niches and sculptures. The roofscape features tall chimneys with chimney caps. 


1907: Birth- On January 25, at 113 George-street, East Fremantle to Mr and Mrs D. Bullas-a daughter. (Reference)

1911: Funeral -The friends of the late Mr. John Costigan, of 113 George-street, East Fremantle, are respectfully informed that his remains will be interred in the Roman Catholic portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery... (Reference)

1911: For sale; Piano, Collard and Collard, latest model, in good order, cheap. 113 George-street, East Fremantle. (Reference)

1914: Letter - Children’s pages Dear Auntie Nell, I was very glad to know that I had won a prize as I did not expect it. I am sending in the answers to this week’s puzzle, and hope they are correct. - Yours lovingly, VIOLET ROSS, 113 George-street, East Fremantle. (Reference)

1923: Car Registration-No. 2023.—British Excelsior. F. C. Treloar, 113 George-street, East Fremantle. (Reference)

1938: Death -On September 12, at Fremantle Hospital (suddenly), Mary Jane Styles, of 113 George-street, East Fremantle, widow of the late William Henry Styles, loved mother of Edward (deceased), Arthur (East Fremantle), William (deceased), Albert (Inglewood), Elsie (deceased), Edmund (Sydney), Samuel and Charles (Fremantle); aged 80 years.(Reference)


1907: Bullas

1912: Cronin, James

1913: Styles, Arthur

1914: Ross, Alexander

1915: Styles, Arthur

1916: Pattenden, Thomas J.

1917 - 1918: Gower, John

1919: Brown, Ernest William

1920 - 1923: Treloar, Matthew

1924: Braysher, Thomas Alfred

1925: Stoble, Francis John

1926 - 1929: Treloar, Matthew

1930: Langridge, John

1931 - 1932: Heuston, Frank

1933 - 1936: O’Brien, Peter

1936 - 1937: Chandler, Val

1937 - 1940: McGuirk, Harry A.

1940 - 1944: Vacant

1945 - 1949: Heath, David