107 George Street


Federation Cottage Orné

107 George Street is a fine single storey corner shop and seven attached residences. They are constructed in brick and rendered masonry designed in a rich rendering of the Federation Cottage Orné style. The shop is designed as a corner shop with a pediment over the door. While the front part of the shop is in tuck pointed brick the remainder is constructed in limestone with brick quoins.


1913 Sister and sister-in-law of David and Annie Lamb, residents of No. 107 George-street, East Fremantle, died of premature childbirth. (Reference)

AIF 1917, FOSTER Cyril (Regimental number 7296) Occupation Labourer, 107 George, Single, Age at embarkation 18. Next of kin Mrs M A Lamb

1928 Vehicle Registration. 15475, Geo. H. Green, 107 George-street, East Fremantle, Essex. (Reference)
1929 Vehicle Registration. 22343, George H. Green, 107 George-street, East Fremantle, De Soto. (Reference)

1942 LICK THOSE JAPS WITH PENNY-A-PLANE STAMPS Already hundreds of Penny-a-Planers have claimed their first Badge of Merit, the 'Sergeant Pilot's' Badge, for having contributed one hundred pennies for comforts for our Fighting Forces. If you have not  claimed yours, fill in your card today and present it to the nearest distributing centre, and you will receive your badge and 'Fighter Pilot's' Card… Help the Penny a Plane Fund to provide comfort for our fighting forces through the Red Cross, Australian Comforts Fund, Y.M.C.A., Salvation Army and Citizens' Reception Council. Stamp out the Jap for a Penny and win promotion through the Penny a-Plane Appeal. PENNY-A-PLANE STAMPS ARE AVAILABLE AT: M.C. Hicks, 107 George St., East Fremantle. (reference)

A gentleman who used to visit me once a year, until he died. He grew up in the area and told me stories of hearing the ships horns and running to the corner shop with his stick and hoop to wait for the comic books to be delivered, which he still owned and brought to show me one day. He was also one of the first graphic designers at the ABC doing it all by hand, a hoarder and gay, which shamed his family, so he told me. Sadly when he died, all his belongings went to auction which I happened to attend not knowing it was him. There was a pile of the comic books and so I asked the auctioneer if they were his and the advised me that the family were ashamed and didn’t want to tell people who he was. So I didn’t buy them as they implied I shouldn’t as it was unlikely him. It wasn’t till afterwards that I found out they were his – if I had known I would have purchased the comics. I did buy a yellow oriental pot which I still have – I think of him often when looking at it. Kind of sad I thought. Smile, CLAIRE Mc GOWAN (20.6.2019)


1909 - 1919: Lamb, Mrs M. A. (confr)

1920: Lamb, David E. & Lamb, Mrs M. A. (confr)

1921: Green, Mrs Edith (store)

1922 - 1927: Hoyles, Mrs F. (store)

1928 - 1930: Green, E. L.

1931 - 1938: Brown, Harold P. (mixed)

1938 - 1943: Hicks, E. & M. (mixed business & newsagent)

1944 - 1949: Hicks, Mrs M. (mixed business & newsagent)

1950s- Thelma Walter

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