East Street

A brief History of East Street

East Street is the western boundary of the East Fremantle Municipality- thus only even numbered houses are shown in this website.

This working class neighbourhood was home to large families like the Groves who lived at 32 (now 18) East St from 1910-1949. Tally Clerk Robert Groves and his wife Ethyl Maud Rasmussen had 6 children: Robert R (b. 1909), Clifford R (b.1912), Neil R (b. 1917), Dagmar R ( b. 1914), Raymar R (b.1926) and Norman R (b. 1934). Dagmar became Mrs Dagmar Wenham in 1939 and her sister Raymar married the ‘boy next door’' at no 34 ( now no 20) - Stanley Devlin.

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