MULCAHY BROS.1895- 1911

Daniel (1886-1917) & son Michael (1862-1925)

Daniel Mulcahy left Tipperary, Ireland and arrived in Australia in 1887. He worked in Queensland before coming to Western Australia in 1891. He first worked for William Sandover and Company (hardware merchants) in Fremantle. Upon the discovery of gold in the Murchison region Mulcahy was one of the first prospectors to go to Nannine and Peak Hill and then made the first trek overland to Coolgardie where he suffered from water scarcity working as a prospector. After making money there from gold he set up as a trader.

In 1893 his first investment was the Commercial Hotel, High Street Fremantle and two years later in 1895 joined his son Michael and the partnership Mulcahy Bros was very successful- they owned a series of hotels: the National Hotel, Fremantle, the Terminus Hotel, Fremantle, The Royal Hotel, East Fremantle, the Central Hotel and Shamrock in Perth, the Metropole and Grand Hotels in Boulder (1897)

The Mulcahy’s stayed in partnership until 1911 when Daniel retired. He spent his time at his grand residence “Knocknagow” at 24 Preston Point Road, East Fremantle.

Photographs of the Mulcahy’s come from the The Cyclopedia of Western Australia (reference)

1902 REBUILDING OF THE NATIONAL HOTEL. Messrs. Mulcahy Bros., the well-known hotel proprietors,have just made arrangements for the rebuilding of the old National Hotel, on the corner of High and Market streets, Fremantle. They entrusted Mr. Louis Pearce, architect, with the preparation of plans for an up to-date and commodious hotel, worthy of the position referred to… Messrs. Mulcahy Bros., who are the owners of the National Hotel property, conduct at the present time no less than seven large hotels in Western Australia, three of their houses being situated in Fremantle, three in Boulder, and one in Perth. For a full description of the new hotel read: (reference)

1917 Mr. Michael Mulcahy passed away suddenly aged 55. He had been a life member and one of the founders of the Celtic Club, Perth, and a member of the W.A. Turf Club. A widow and three sons and five daughters survived him. (reference)

In 1925, eight years after his son, Daniel died:

A notable and successful career was closed late yesterday afternoon by the death of Mr. Daniel Mulcahy, of East Fremantle. Mr. Mulcahy had led a very keen, and useful life, his extensive mining, commercial and pastoral activities being crowned with considerable success. Noted for his kindliness of heart and un-ostentatious philanthropy, "Dan" helped scores of men who had been handicapped by misfortune to regain their feet and it was his unfailing rule never to speak ill of his fellow men, his faith in the better qualities of human nature being a byword. Mulcahy brothers owned some of the best-known hostelries in the State, including the Grand, of Boulder, the first brick and stone hotel erected on the Golden Mile. In 1906 the Mulcahy brothers acquired Milly Milly, one of the best-known stations on the Murchison River, which still remains in the possession of the family. Of retiring disposition, the late Mr. Mulcahy never aspired to public life, but he was an ardent supporter of the home rule for Ireland cause, and his pastime may be said to have consisted of "fathering" the Perth Celtic Club and indulging in an occasional game of bowls on the East Fremantle green. He married in the year 1895, and is survived by a widow and 5 sons and 5 daughters. (reference)