Harold Bower Bull (1884- 1943)

Harold Bower Bull, known as ‘John’ Bull, was part of the crew on the first of Sir Ernest Shackleton's expeditions to the Antarctic- on the Nimrod, in 1907/09. (reference)  In his early career Bull was a quartermaster with P & O before joining the British Royal Naval Reserve, where he was chosen out of 500 candidates to proceed in the Nimrod, to the South Polar regions. 

Harold Bower Bull was the youngest of ten children. His father Robert Peel Bull (1836-1913) and mother Fanny Yates (1842-1925) lived in Hindmarsh, South Australia. He was a grandson of John Wrathall Bull who was a South Australian pioneer in 1838 and who invented the 'Stripper' harvester.

1910- Hindmarsh Young Man Honoured by the King. -Mr. R. P. Bull, of Hindmarsh, has received a letter from his son, Mr. Harold B. Bull, an A.B. on the Nimrod. It was written on the Nimrod at Pomona Docks, Manchester. He says:—"I am well and keeping in good health. We are on show here in Manchester, and I suppose will continue to be for some time. I have been before King Edward VII., and he pinned a medal on my breast. It was a great function. We went to Buckingham Palace, and after all the knighthoods had been conferred we had our medals put on our breasts by the King. On one side of the medal is a ship in the ice and a sledge party, and on the other side is the King's head. There is one clasp, on which is the word, 'Antarctic, 1907-09'... (reference)

See photo of the Nimrod held up in the ice (reference) and departing NZ for the South Pole. (reference)

Harold married Amy Eleanor Cormick, in Essex in 1910. (reference) They returned to Western Australia in 1912 and lived at Toodyay where Bull worked as a farmer.

In 1916 he lived at 10 Tuckfield Street, East Fremantle and was working as a Lighterman. In 1925 Bull was living at 127 Sewell Street, East Fremantle and working as a Coxswain.

At this time he was prominently associated as a trainer with the East Fremantle Football Club and Amy was an active worker on the social committee of the Club. (reference)

From 1929 -1939 Harold lived on Rottnest Island, where he worked as Head Signalman for the Fremantle Harbour Trust.  (reference)

1930: The fourth annual match between Rottnest Island and Thor Sports was played at Rottnest on Thursday. Scores:Rottnest, 54- Hardwick 10. Bull. 9…(reference

1937: The engagement is announced of Jean Frances, only daughter of Mr and the late Mrs HB Bull, of Rottnest Island, to Rowland George... (reference)

Bull was left a widower at the age of 50, on the death of Amy on 10 February 1934 on Rottnest Island. Amy had been an invalid for over 10 years and her gravestone at Fremantle Cemetery read: In loving Memory of Amy Eleanor, Beloved Wife of  H B Bull of Rottnest Island, Fond Mother of Harold and Jean, Died 10th Feb 1934, aged 50 years, A Patient Sufferer At Rest. (reference)

Harold Bowyer Bull then married his second wife Evelyn Gladys (c.1900-c.1944) in 1934 at Fremantle, Western Australia. (reference). In 1943 they lived at 32 Windsor Road, East Fremantle where Harold Bull died after an extended illness, aged 59.  (reference)

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